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Rationales for Classroom Texts

Rationales for Classroom Texts

In addition to rationales for classroom texts, NCTE offers advice, policy statements, additional helpful documents, and other support at not cost to teachers faced with challenges to literary works, films and videos, drama productions, or teaching methods.

How to Write a Rationale?

Instructions include what, why, and how to develop a rationale.

Sample Rationales for The Bridge to Terabithia and The Color Purple.

How to Write a Rationale form to develop a rationale for a text, including how it fulfills your school, district, and state curricular goals.

NCTE has a large collection of Rationales for Classroom Texts, written mostly by college education classes. While the rationales are replete with information you'll want to use as you write your own rationale, note that the rationales, except for those on the CD's, have not been edited.

Use the Rationales for Classroom Texts list to decide which rationale(s) you'd like. Then either purchase a CD or request a rationale. 

Purchase Rationale CDs

Volume 1
An invaluable resource for book selection procedures featuring over 200 rationales.

Volume 2 
Featuring over 100 rationales for teaching popular young adult and classic literature as well as NCTE policies and a sample presentation to a school board in defense of a text.

Request a Rationale

Write an email to with your request and the responses to the following questions:

  1. What are your name, your school and state where you teach, and the grade level of your students?
  2. Are you having a challenge to a text?
  3. Do you think you might have a challenge to a text and want the rationale to be prepared?
  4. Are you planning to teach the work and want the rationale to plan curriculum for that?
  5. Are you looking for texts to use to meet your curriculum and would like to use the rationales to help you choose?


 If you are having a challenge to a book, please use the "Report A Censorship Incident Form" to report an incident.


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