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Please Write, Phone, or Tweet Your Senators and Representative

to ask support for defining professional learning in the following way: “professional learning through educator collaboration.”

Such collaboration requires protected time in the school day so that teachers can generate curricula, examine student work, share results of their own assessments of student learning, and benefit from one another's expertise.

to ask that policymakers support the professional expertise of teachers. 

Because they know their subject matter and their students, teachers should select materials, develop curricula, and decide teaching strategies, including and especially during this time of new standards. Teachers should also generate and use their own formative assessments to continuously track student learning.

to ask that institutions of higher education be evaluated on multiple bases and with multiple kinds of evidence. 

Ratings of institutional effectiveness risk being inaccurate and even dangerous if they rely only on graduation rates and salaries of graduates. The following template letter makes the case for more valid evaluation through kinds of evidence that demonstrate institutional practices contributing to important values and benefits of a college education.


Add your personal experience to these letters that we've drafted for you on each of the topics listed above:

Call your legislators with the messages on each of the topics listed above:

Contact the Capitol Switchboard at 202-224-3121, give your zip code, and the operator will connect you to your legislator’s office (you will need to repeat this to contact all three of your legislators).  Please leave the message above.  You can do this 24 hours a day and leave a voice mail if necessary.   


Tweet your legislators with messages on each of the topics listed above:

Search Twitter for your Senators and Representatives, then send your tweets; be sure to include your city and state so they know you are a constituent. 

Sample tweets: 

@SenatorDurbin, From Urbana, IL: Teachers need school time to collaborate 
@ RodneyDavis, From Urbana, IL: Support the professional expertise of teachers
@SenatorKirk, From Urbana, IL: Valid evaluation of higher education institutions requires multiple kinds of evidence


Educating legislative staff and members of Congress is important work
and you can make a difference!

The message you send from home will resonate with legislators when NCTE Literacy Education Advocacy Day participants visit their offices on the Hill on February 27.  

posted 2/25/14

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