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Literacy Education Advocacy

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March and April are Literacy Education Advocacy Months. Choose an activity or two from our list below to do to help support literacy education.

1 minute      5-10 minutes       15 minutes       30 minutes       45 minutes       1-2 hours


1 minute

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Share this list of Literacy Education Advocacy Activites with a colleague

Send details about Literacy Education Advocacy Day to a colleague

Share NCTE's 2011 Education Policy Platform with a colleague

Write a Facebook entry about the need for public support for literacy education

Tweet to Congress about the need for public support for literacy education


5-10 minutes

Watch Clarissa West-White's  video account of her visit to Washington, DC, for Literacy Advocacy Day

Look up all of your elected officials (local to national) on

Register for NCTE's Literacy Education Advocacy Day

Read NCTE's 2011 Education Policy Platform

Call the home offices of your Members of Congress to schedule a visit while they're at home Mar. 21-25 or Apr. 18-29 for spring recess

Read our tips on visting your Member of Congress while they're at home Mar. 21-25 or Apr. 18-29 for spring recess

Read Clarissa West-White's article on starting a statewide advocacy day

Tell us what you did to advocate for literacy education during Literacy Education Advocacy Month by completing this short survey


15 minutes

Learn how NCTE takes positions on literacy education issues Literacy Education Advocacy Day

If you attended Advocacy Day, please send NCTE your report

Post a 3-5 minute video on YouTube about evaluating teachers on more than test scores or that describes how you've made your viewpoint about literacy education in public


30 minutes

Post something in the Connected Community about your students and teaching and how they connect to an education issue represented in the platform in the news today

Make plans for NCTE's next Literacy Education Advocacy Day on April 19, 2012


45 minutes

Watch  NCTE's "Advocacy for the Everyday Teacher" video


1-2 hours

Write a letter to your local newspaper supporting the LEARN act

Speak about education at the Rotary Club or another service organization in your community

Teach a lesson about writing letters to policymakers, from principals to legislators

Talk with your family about how each member can influence your School Board

Attend Advocacy Day

Organize a Statewide Advocacy Day


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