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Advocacy You Can Do at Home

NCTE held its Advocacy Day on April 27. But you can make a difference right from where you live and work. Read our tips for speaking out and choose an activity or two from our list below to do to help support literacy education or develop an activity of your own and share it with us.

1 minute      5-10 minutes       15 minutes       
30 minutes
      45 minutes       1-2 hours    
A few hours or more

1 minute

Share this list of Literacy Education Advocacy Activities or NCTE's Policy Recommendations for the 115th Congress with a colleague. 

Send details about Literacy Education Advocacy Day to a colleague.

Write a post on social media about the importance of literacy. 

5-10 minutes

Respond to an action alert using our easy letter-writing template.

Search for your Congressional Representative and Senators and contact them through social media.

Read NCTE's Policy Recommendations for the 115th Congress. .

Read our tips and call your Member of Congress to schedule a visit while they're at home.

Read NCTE member Clarissa West-White's article on starting a statewide advocacy day.

Tell us what you did to advocate for literacy education this month or at anytime throughout the year.

15 minutes

Learn how NCTE takes positions on literacy education issues Literacy Education Advocacy Day.

Listen to these podcasts by teachers who are making their voices heard.

Post a 3-5 minute video on YouTube about evaluating teachers on more than test scores or that describes how you've made your viewpoint about literacy education in public.

Post something in the NCTE Connected Community about your students and teaching and how they connect to an education issue represented in the platform in the news today.

Visit the Teachers Speak Up website for strategies and teachers' stories to help you speak out on important education issues.

30 minutes

Watch "Finding Our Voice – Speaking Out to Build Support For Our Work," a Web seminar with Steven Zemelman and Harry Ross.

Write a letter to your local newspaper supporting the teachers in your local schools.

45 minutes

Watch NCTE's " Advocacy for the Everyday Teacher " video.

1-2 hours

Speak about education at the Rotary Club or another service organization in your community.

Teach a lesson about writing letters to policymakers, from principals to legislators.

Talk with your family about how each member can influence your School Board, Board of Supervisors or City Council, state or federal legislators.

Write a blog for Literacy & NCTE

Visit Everyday Advocacy for practical tips. 

A few hours or more

Many groups declare a day where they gather together to meet with legislators, from doctors and dentists to university students and non-profits. Gather fellow teachers and plan a Statewide Advocacy Day.

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