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Take Action

3 Ways You Can Get  Involved in Advocacy in September: 

1. Rural Listening Tour

The United States Department of Education is about to embark on a listening tour in rural communities. If you are interested in sharing input or hearing more about their efforts to engage rural communities, please feel free to send emails to:, Lucy Johnson, Deputy Assistant Secretary, or Dennis Bega, 

2. Invitation to Write for Literacy & NCTE

We invite you to write a blog on one of the following subjects:

  • Teaching in a Rural Community. The US Department of Education is embarking on a listening tour. Tell us what particular issues/problems do you face? What do you want them to know?
  • Diverse Literature: talk about its importance; what diverse literature do you teach?
  • Writing: In honor of National Day of Writing, October 20, send us why you write, how you teach writing, and/or the importance of writing.
  • Advocacy: Our convention is focused on advocacy at the school, community, district, state and federal levels. What is your advocacy story?

Please send all blogs of 300-500 words, with title, photo of 2 MB or less and 1-2 sentence bio to Lu Ann McNabb at

3. Advocacy Tips Group:

If you would like tips on advocacy (school, community, district, state or federal levels), please send an email to Lu Ann McNabb at and ask to be included in the 2016 Advocacy Tips Group. Once a month, you will receive a tip. September Tip: Meeting with Stakeholders. 



Share Your Knowledge and Experience as an Educator by:

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Learning about . . .  

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Honing your skills with:

Everyday Advocacy: An NCTE Resource for Teachers

Teachers Speak Up! 


   ESEA and Literacy Education
-- Darren Cambridge, NCTE Director of Policy Research and Development, May 15, 2015

Hear Darren Cambridge in this Education Talk Radio interview.



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